5 Favorite Camping Lamps

I love a pretty table with the soft glow of lamp light outside!

Camping lamps are as practical as they are appealing.  We use them when eating outdoors.  I have one or two available as needed for walking the dogs or just lounging around after dark.  Since we spend a a considerable amount of time outdoors, we have several lamps we love.  Each one serves a different purpose.  Over the years, we have narrowed our choices down to 5 overall lamp favorites.  What made our list?

We spend a lot of time outdoors, so we have lots of lighting options for the activities we do.

5 Favorite Camping Lamps

My favorite camping lamps are ranked in order from practical to just the pretty.  Everyone needs a lamp they enjoy for the pure aesthetics.  I don't use all of my lamps all of the time.  I pick the one I need for the job, but I do keep several options on ready as needed.  If you keep a versatile selection in your RV, your gear will feel less cumbersome.  And you will have a back up or two as needed.

This is an old school workhorse that I have come to love the most of any lamp we own.  It is practical and so incredibly bright!

Old School Coleman - Practical

We purchased an old-school Coleman lantern that runs on white gas about 3 years ago.  A gentleman near us restores these lamps, and it is a true workhorse.  These things burn bright and can burn for hours.  I love how rustic and functional they are.  It is also my biggest lamp.  If I am going to be camping for several days and need good light for outdoor meals, this is the one.  It can light up our whole site practically if needed.  

The scariest part of owning this lamp was learning how to use it.  You have to fill up the fuel reservoir and prime the pump before lighting it.  I also discovered that the little mesh mantles need to be replaced periodically.  However, if you can find a vintage one that has been restored, these are one of the best pieces of practical camping gear that you can buy.  We paid about $25 for ours.  I would recommend this option in a heartbeat to anyone looking for great gear that will last a lifetime!  Brand new ones are more expensive than the old ones, but this is something that is built to last.

Nebo Poppy is a great light is bright, rugged and versatile.

Nebo Poppy - Versatile

If you are looking for a lamp that is versatile, the Nebo Poppy fits that bill.  Part lantern and part flashlight, this is super practical and rugged.  The Nebo line of flashlights is a favorite because of how functional they are.  Push the button on and use the flashlight for walking dogs or tasks.  Slide the base open to reveal a lantern that gives a bright glow.  I use it for eating outdoors when I don't want to drag out a lot of gear.  It is small but really gives off more light than you think.

The Luci Light is one of our first camping lamp purchases, and I still love it as much as when we started camping!

Luci Lights - Compact/Solar

Another long-standing winner for us is the Luci Light line.  These check the boxes for both being compact and solar.  You can inflate your light and place it in a sunny location to charge during the day.  At night, you will have nice glowing light.  Luci makes a variety of models.  We own one with a frosted exterior for a softer light.  They offer a charging model that will both shine like a lamp and charge your mobile devices.  And there are other models as well.  We have owned these for almost 5 years, and they still work well.  They are perfect for backpackers and tent campers or anyone that needs to have something small, powerful, and lightweight!  Each light has multiple setting to control how bright of a light you shine.  Grab one or two and have them available for your table at night for a candle light glow or go bright to give more visibility!

This light is small but much brighter than you think!

Uco Light - Compact

The Uco Light is an excellent choice in terms of being both compact and bright..  It is small and lightweight, but don't let the size fool you.  This little thing puts out far more light than you would guess.  You can hang it from the inside of a tent, outdoors or anywhere that you need a little extra light really.  This is also a good light for backpackers and would be great for kids that are in scouts and take seasonal camping trips.  Its a stand out because it doesn't take up a lot of space but works great.  I use it for those random tasks when I don't want to drag out something bigger!

Our friends own this gorgeous piece that belonged to a family member.  If you can find one, grab it!

Lawnware Lamps - Pretty/Vintage

While these lights are not the most practical on my list, these are certainly a new favorite.  Our friends, Josh and Bryan, introduced us to these vintage lamps.  I have a serious case of light envy after seeing theirs for the first time.  Lawnware made flower pots that soon became lamps in the 1960s.  The pots were then turned into lights by threading with a light kit and drilling holes to place in small colorful beads as accent colors.  I have a small one that I found on Etsy.  Our friends have a larger one that belonged to a family member.  If you can find one, snatch it up.  They look great at the campsite and are just fun!

There are a ton of camping lamp options out there.  But, if you choose wisely, you will gear that will last a long time and provide you with the light you need.  If you have a favorite camping lamp, I'd love to hear from you.  Feel free to drop me a line or comment on this post about your favorite camping lamp.  Until next time...happy camping!

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