Our RV Adventure to the Texas Hill Country

Fredericksburg RV Park is where we stayed, and it was just right for us!

Two years in a row, we have taken a trip to Texas right after Christmas.  It is our last trip of the year, and it is quickly becoming a favorite holiday destination for us.  I'll go ahead and tell you that we are already planning a trip to Texas at the end of this year as well.  It is a massive state with so many hidden gems.  I encourage anyone that loves to RV and travel to put Texas on your radar.  Our second stop on our Christmas vacation this year was Fredericksburg, and it was a trip highlight for me!

We enjoyed an afternoon at the Augusta winery in Fredericksburg.  We loved the wine, scenery and atmosphere!

Our RV Adventure to the Texas Hill County

Some people may argue that the time to visit the Texas Hill Country is the spring when the blue bonnets are in full bloom.  I won't argue that point.  But, I say don't wait until you have the perfect time to visit Fredericksburg.  This area of Texas is teaming with things to do, and I can't see a bad time of year to visit unless you just aren't going.  My only question at this point is when we can go back!?  

Where to Stay

There are several RV parks in the Fredericksburg area.  We chose to stay at the Fredericksburg RV Park.  We loved our stay there.  It was close and convenient to everything.  This was a huge plus, but this campground was also well maintained.  The staff was super friendly and very helpful.  Plus, they had a nice level campsites complete with a picnic table for dining.  

While we were there, we met several snowbirds that stay in this park year after year.  The repeat customers tell me that something is being done right!  We enjoyed the large laundry room for washing some clothes mid way through our trip.  The campground was clean and organized with little things like stations providing poop bags for pets.  It was just right for our stay.
However, don't forget about Harvest Host Spots!  We visited the Hye Cider Company a few miles from town, and the staff there let us know that they are Harvest Hosts.  This could also provide a unique location for camping while in Fredericksburg!

The Munch Park Food Trucks are right next to the Fredericksburg RV Park.  It was a fun spot for an evening meal!

Where to Eat

Fredericksburg is a town known for its German restaurants.  And while this is an obvious stop on your Texas Hill Country adventure, don't be afraid to venture out!

The Food trucks at Munch Park were right next to the Fredericksburg RV Park.  We walked over for one of our evening meals and loved the atmosphere and food.  There are several options that would allow everyone to have their individual tastes met.  We decided to try the ribs and chicken at one of the trucks complete with sweet potatoes and greens.  Everything was perfectly seasoned and so delicious!  

Opa's Smoked Meats is where you can grab deli style sandwiches and boxed lunches for a picnic on your adventures.  They have a wide selection of smoked meats as well that you could cook for breakfast or take home with you.  

The trail ride with GT's Trail Rides was the perfect ending to our day!

What do Do

Get into the action in Fredericksburg with some of the fun options around town.  I had been to Fredericksburg before but remembered little about it outside of all of the shops downtown  This is only a small piece of what this area has to offer.

One of our favorite parts of this trip was an evening trail ride with GF Trail Rides.  Guy and his son were top notch guides.  They offer trail rides on their ranch that provide scenic views and the action of local wildlife.  We picked to do an evening (sunset) ride.  But they offer other times throughout the day.  They work to match each rider with an appropriate horse.  Guy's son took the time to tell us bits of local history and folklore.  And they even took the time to take nice photos of each group at the top of the lookout during the ride.  We loved how laid paid, professional and knowledgeable they were.  

There is an abundance of wineries in the Texas Hill Country.  We visited the Augusta Vin based on the recommendations of the Fredericksburg RV Park. It has a fantastic atmosphere.  The wines are really nice.  I don't think we had a wine didn't like but we really enjoyed the Mourvedre and Viognier.  The Mourvedre has a bold, deep notes.  While the Viognier is creamy and light.    They have wonderful seating both indoors and out.  Plus, you can order charcuterie boards for snacking while you are there!

If wine isn't your thing, check out the Hye Cider Company and Food Truck.  Hye Cider Company offers a nice selection of high volume ciders that are light and refreshing.  They pair excellently with the spicy food at the Korean fusion food truck that is on the property.  I loved the chill atmosphere and variety of ciders.  They are also Harvest Hosts if you would like to stay on the property.  It is most definitely worth the drive from town to enjoy this whole experience!

Fredericksburg has a beautiful park with Christmas Lights and Ice Skating in December.  Even though we arrived the week after Christmas, all of the lights were still up.  We walked around taking in all of the sights one evening while we were there.  Several people at our campground also mentioned the lights in nearby Johnson City which is about 30 minutes away.  But, we didn't feel that we had the time for the drive over during our 2 night stay.  I would have liked the opportunity to explore that area as well, and hopefully we can come back another time.

Finally, there is no shortage of shops along the downtown streets of Fredericksburg.  There is everything from antiques to tee shirts and everything in between.  The Flying Cow sells tallow based products for skin care that I bought on this trip.  The Blemish Balm is amazing.  I put it on my skin every night and it keeps it clear and soft.  

Some of the things we didn't do while we were there was Enchanted Rock State Park and Old Tunnel State Park.  If you plan enough in advance, you can go our to Old Tunnel State Park and see the bats in the evening.  This does require tickets to do this activity.  Enchanted Rock offers a beautiful Summit Trail.

Fredericksburg was the midpoint of our Christmas vacation.  We only planned to spend two nights there, but we could have certainly stayed longer.  This area of Texas is worth the drive to get there.  Within just a 30 mile radius, there are wineries, great food, outdoor activities and lots of shopping.  We will definitely be back and want to spend more time when we return!

Be sure to check out the first stop on our winter RV adventure in New Orleans.  Next week, I'll wrap up this 3 part series and give you all the details about our final stop in Waco.  This was such a fun way to end our year.  If you are looking for more places to explore, take a look at my Camping Map.  I've added the links to reviews of the different campgrounds we've visited over the years.  

Until next time...

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