Camping in New Orleans - Campground Review and Travel Tips

We loved camping in New Orleans at the French Quarter RV Resort.

I'm certain that I'm not the first blogger to review their camping experience in New Orleans.  But, what do I have to offer that sets me apart from other travel bloggers?  I grew up a couple of hours from the Big Easy and have spent quite a bit of time there growing up and as an adult.  While there is no shortage of fun to be had in this busy city in the deep south, I want to share with you some insider tips for a great visit!

Be sure to visit Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral.

Camping in New Orleans - Campground Review and Travel Tips

New Orleans is a city like none other.  Sure.  Lots of people make this claim about lots of cities, but it is true here in so many ways.  Once you get a good taste of the Crescent City (no pun intended), you can't get it out of your system.  You will always leave wanting more.  There is no shortage of good food, good times, and good music.  It's just a fun place to be, and I love it here.  So where do you start?

French Quarter RV Resort is a safe and secure place to stay in New Orleans with your RV.

Where to Stay in New Orleans if You Have an RV 

We recently tried out the French Quarter RV Resort, and we loved it.  It is right off on Interstate 10 and about a 15-minute walk straight into the French Quarter.  This park is easy to navigate into as drive into the city.  You may read reviews talking about scary surroundings and loud noise from the interstate.  Two things:  

1.  You are camping in a city.  There are lots of things that come with that.  Be smart.  Take an Uber at night back to the RV park if you feel uneasy.  This RV park is in a secured gated area, and we felt perfectly safe.
2.  You are camping in a city.  There is an interstate right there.  You are not going to get quiet, tranquility there.  We still loved it and thought the convenience was amazing and so was the staff.  

This RV resort has all of the amenities that you can imagine.  There is a pool, hot tub, laundry facilities, good Wi-Fi, large level sites, and free ice.  Check-in was a breeze.  We had a gate code for when we came and left the facility that made us feel safe.  Everything was clean.  

They even have a pool and hot tub which is really nice at the end of the day!

It is going to cost more to stay here.  Book early and realize that there is usually a higher price for nights when there is a Saints game, Jazz Fest, or other events going on in the city.  It is still less expensive than a hotel.  And we loved being able to walk into the French Quarter and eat out if we wanted but also coming back to eat an early dinner at our RV.  We also enjoyed the hot tub and pool even in December!  

Be sure to make a reservation at Brennan's for breakfast.  Its a great place to make your trip so special!

Where to Eat

If you are in New Orleans, there is no shortage of delicious food to be had.  You will find a great meal at both fine dining establishments and hole-in-the-wall spots.  Make time for both.  My favorite part of this city's culinary offerings is the ability to easily do both.  

Some of our favorite spots to enjoy are (in no particular order):
  1. The Napoleon House - They have excellent muffulettas, and I think everyone should have one while in the city!  It is also an excellent spot to have a drink in the courtyard in the afternoon.
  2. Pierre Maspero's - I love the po-boys here as much as anywhere in the city!
  3. Brennan's - Go here for breakfast at least once in your lifetime.  You cannot and will not have a bad meal here.  It is pricey and so worth every penny!  Make a reservation ahead of time if you can.
  4. La Petite Grocery - This James Beard winner is an excellent spot for lunch or dinner.  Make a reservation to ensure you have a table.
  5. Galatoire's - This is one of my favorite spots in the city, and I think everyone should eat here once.  Make a reservation and check the dress code for the day/times in which you will be dining.  
  6. Cafe Du Monde - A New Orleans tradition serving beignets and cafe au lait.  
  7. Commander's Palace - This is another New Orleans staple that everyone should enjoy at least once.  Make a reservation and check the dress code.  You can enjoy a jazz brunch here or a wonderful lunch or dinner.  I say try the turtle soup while in New Orleans!
  8. Domenica - This is a terrific spot for Italian.  Try the whole roasted cauliflower appetizer here!
  9. Cochon - Traditional Cajun dishes at their finest.  They work hard to locally source menu ingredients.  It's a wonderful experience to dine here.
  10. Jacques-Imos
The Bananas Foster at Brennan's is a must have experience and so much fun.  It is prepared at the table.

We love to visit Cafe Du Monde in the mornings.  There is always fun music and yummy treats!

I'm sure that there are places that would make anyone's top ten list!  You simply cannot list everything.  That just means you have to go more than once!  My overall recommendation in New Orleans is to visit at least one place for a nicer meal while you are there.  It is worth the experience.  Brennan's, Galatoire's and Commanders Place would be at the top of my list.  After that enjoy some of the laid back easy places to dine.  It will give you a little experience of everything in New Orleans.

The artist and performers in Jackson Square make every trip memorable.

What to Do

Again, you can do any number of things in New Orleans.  Some are pricey and some are cheap.  I like a low-key trip to this city.  Some of my favorite options are:
  1. Saenger Theater - I make a girl's trip here every so often to see a show there.  From Broadway hits to musical acts, they have lots of good options.  Check here if you want to experience a show while in New Orleans.
  2. World War II Museum
  3. Audubon Aquarium of the Americas
  4. Audubon Zoo
  5. Jackson Square
  6. Frenchman's Street
  7. Magazine Street
  8. Street Car Ride
St. Louis Cathedral is a favorite stop for me in New Orleans.

The visit to the Aquarium is worth it and doesn't take the whole day.

Again what makes this city wonderful is picking two or three things you want to do and then realizing that you need to come back again and do some other things!  You can't do it all in one trip.  This isn't Ferris Bueller's Day Off!  You aren't going to tackle that whole city at once.  Slow down.  It's typically too hot to do it any other way.  Get a drink to go.  Sip and stroll and take in the sites.  

We love all of the sights and sounds in the city!

Be sure to pack your walking shoes.  You will need to walk a lot here.  I have grabbed an Uber on occasion to get from one far point to another.  But, typically, we just walk everywhere.  It's fun to just take your time and enjoy the sights and sounds around.  There is music and excitement on every corner.

We did New Orleans as part of a big winter vacation trip that took us also to Fredericksburg and Waco.  Come back to find out more about those stops on our journey.  I'll be sure to include the campgrounds and places we visited there as well.  

Until next time...leissez les bons temps rouler and ….

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