Host a Terrific Taco Night at the Campground

What is there not to love about tacos?  My family loves them.  They are super easy, and I have lots of different varieties that we include at the campground.  Plus, you can have them for every single meal and left overs are good too!  So, what makes the tacos that I do so special?  Nothing really.  Just variety and fresh ingredients really.

When we are at the beach, fish tacos are always a favorite.

Host a Terrific Taco Night at the Campground

I like to blacken fish on our cast iron grill.

First let's talk tacos, and what can really set you apart.  Scratch those taco kits.  I mean you can use them and no judgement for doing so.  But, making your own with fresh ingredients is easier than you think.  Most every taco that I make includes some variation of the ingredients below:
  • corn tortillas
  • cabbage or slaw mix
  • salsa
  • cotija cheese
  • limes
  • garlic
  • pepper flakes and/or jalapenos
Fresh fish, cheese and spicy slaw is the perfect combination.

The recipe that changed my taco game was one from Martha Stewart years ago.  This is one that starts with red cabbage.  You can sub out a bag of slaw mix from the produce section.  You also use ground beef, limes, garlic and red pepper flakes.  This makes one big mix that you put onto flour tortillas and serve with limes, salsa and Mexican crumbling cheese (cotija).

So what if you want to shake it up?  Here are a couple of ideas.
  • Grilled or left over shrimp, slaw made with your favorite dressing or marinade, cotija cheese and jalapenos and salsa.
  • Blackened fish (whatever is fresh) creamy slaw with jalapenos mixed in and served with your favorite cheese and salsa.
  • Grilled chicken, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, sour cream, cheese and jalapenos.
What about breakfast tacos?  This is where I take whatever is left over or in my fridge and make tacos!  You can use left over steak, eggs, cheese and salsa.  You can do them with sausage and eggs.  Or, my personal favorite is grilled mushrooms, capers and parmesan cheese.  You can add eggs to this too if you like!  

Finally, what goes with tacos?  We guacamole of course.  I have a great recipe for that.  You can make it at the campground easily.  Or, if you want to go big, make a pan of that grilled cheese dip!  Everyone loves that stuff.

Cold margaritas with salsa and chips is always just right!
But what about the drinks??  Well batch cocktails are all over social media.  If you haven't seen them, its time that you did!  I tried a batch margarita recipe, and it was life changing.  

Essentially, you pour 10 ounces of tequila out of a 750 ml bottle.  Save this for later.  Add back 5 ounces of fresh lime juice, 4 ounces or orange liquor, a little agave and salt.  Shake and put in your freezer to serve over ice!  These are strong but so good!  And I took mine a step further.

While I was in Montana this summer, I picked up a bottle of huckleberry liquor and have been playing with ways to use it.  I have used it in mimosas.  But, I decided to make huckleberry batch margaritas.  Make it the same as above except substitute the orange liquor for the huckleberry.  Oh my!  Heavenly!

We have a trip planned for Texas this winter.  I'm planning to make up a couple of batches or margaritas for a taco night or afternoon drinks.  Who wouldn't love this?  

So, if you are looking for new meal time inspiration, this is it!  But be warned.  You are gonna love it!  And so it everyone else.  It is my favorite meal and since we do it a little different every time, no one gets bored with it.  

Until next time...happy camping!

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