Social Shopping for Kids Clothes

My limited amount of time for shopping sometimes makes it more of a chore than something fun.  When I am shopping, it is normally in a hurry.  Once a year, I take off and go to Mistletoe Marketplace with two of my dearest friends.  Outside of that, I go the express route.

Online shopping does make life easier.  Social media is another route for online shopping that I enjoy.  Benefits include:
  • Items for sale appear in my feed - either on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Many companies offer free shipping.
  • Companies also offer payment through PayPal which further simplifies things.
  • Monogramming is often available.
So how does social media shopping work?  It varies by vendor.  Auctions typically ask that persons register with their check out system.  If you find an item you like, comment on the item according to color or size.  And you can pay directly through a Soldsie account of something similar.

Other vendors may simple add a link to photos and posts for shopping at their online store.  Either way allows shoppers to purchase items while browsing social media.  Its a great way to pick up unique items at a time that fits your schedule!

Smocked Robot Themed
One of my favorite companies for children's clothes through social media outlets is Lambs in Ivy.  They have a Wednesday night auction each week at 8 p.m.  There are typically previews available ahead of time.  Featured clothes include smocked items, basic pieces and holiday/seasonal attire.  Each item I have gotten has arrived quickly and is of excellent quality.  Best of all are the prices.  I think the pricing is very reasonable!

I have purchased a few items for King Diaper this way.  Earlier this year, I purchased a little smocked john john with robots across the top.  It was a complete outfit that came with a button down peter pan color shirt for $34.99.  
Corduroy Long All for
fall/winter with
Recently, I purchased an outfit for this fall/winter.  Its a corduroy long all with a stripped turtleneck.  I had the long all monogrammed.  This will be a great outfit to have during the cool weather months this year.  Everything, including monogramming, was around $45.  

Seersucker bubble with
Basic pieces are probably my favorites.  I have purchased both a seersucker bubble and knit sun suit.  Both have been monogrammed.  And, yes, I do love monogrammed items.  I can't help it.  Monogramming through Lambs in Ivy runs $10 per item.  With free shipping and the cost of the items, I feel happy with the price.  Plus, lots of shops charge $12 or even more for monogramming.  So, I feel like I'm getting a bargain. 

If you haven't tried shopping through social media, give it a try.  Like a couple of companies that feature online sales and auctions.  Reminders and sale items will start to appear in your news feed.  Shop when it works for you.  You aren't married to any of the shops, sales or auctions.  You can get them off of your feed anytime that it no longer works for you or interests you!

You can even shop socially for grown up clothes. Zig Zag Sripe has lots of cute clothes.  They offer a range of sizes, jewelry, and even shoes.  Yes.  They offer free shipping as well.   Its a fun and easy way to shop. Give it a try. The convenience alone will win you over!  Have a great week!