30 Day Fitness Challenges

These are the exercises from the 30
day ab challenge!
Having a fitness goal is something that keeps me going!  I like to have something to work on that breaks up the routine.  During the month of June, I did the 30 Day Ab Challenge.  This is the fitness challenge went viral on Facebook.  It was a great way to kick off the summer.

I'll fully admit that the first several days were terrible.  However, over time, I noticed that my body got stronger and the daily routine was a little easier.  Notice, I didn't say easy.  It just wasn't as difficult to complete as the first day.

So, is this work out for you?  Yes!  Remember these key things:
  • If you have not been working out, take it easy and talk to a doctor first.
  • Do as much as you can do each day.  If you are unable to complete a day, then this is okay.  But, push yourself.  Take a rest for a few seconds if you have to.
  • Pair up with a friend (even online) for accountability.
How did I feel about it overall?  I loved it!  At the end of the month, I felt like I had accomplished quite a bit.  I hate doing abs, and this is something that I needed to challenge myself to do.  

While in the middle of this, I did some exploring online.  What were other trainers saying about this?  Also, how did others feel about it?   Reviews were mixed, but what mattered most to me was how I felt and what I accomplished.  At the end of 30 days, I didn't have a six pack.  But, I had a stronger core and was stronger than I was 30 days ago.  That is what counts!

No Jiggle July Challenge from Getting Henson Healthy
So, now I'm moving on to a new challenge.  Lauren Henson is a Beach Body coach.  She has a Facebook Page Getting Henson Healthy where she promotes healthy eating, exercise and positive lifestyle changes.  This month, she is doing a No Jiggle July Challenge.  And yes, I'm in.  

Lauren is a lot younger than I, and hasn't had a baby at 40. But, I think that those can be excuses for me.  These are also negative thoughts that can keep me from getting to that next place.  

Lauren's efforts are just about being healthy.  Every step in that direction makes me, or anyone else, a healthier person.  That, I can live with.  Check out her page if you are looking for something to motivate you daily or for exercise and eating tips!  I love the energy and positive attitude that is so encouraging.  This can be more than half the battle for people getting and staying healthy.  Lauren is committed to a healthy lifestyle and works to help others get there too!

I incorporate the challenge into my daily routine.  I work out daily.  I eat healthy meals with lots of fruits and veggies.  The challenge just becomes a part of what I'm already doing to give me a little bit of a push.  The great thing about these challenges is that they can be part of a workout routine while traveling with or without a gym.  No excuses!

So get out there are look for a 30 day challenge that works for you.  It has been a big motivator for me this summer and has kept me out of a slump.  Have a great week and carve out some time for you.  Its important that we all make "ME" time part of our daily lives for both physical and mental wellness!  Happy Sunday!