Saving your child's art work

What do you do with all of those pictures that your child brings home from preschool, daycare or just does at home?  Sure, you can hang them on the fridge or put them in a keepsake book.  But, for those really specially pieces, why not look for new ways to save your childs work?

Shutterfly is my new favorite online shopping go to site!  I use it for gifts and home decorating.

First, I order a calendar ever Christmas for my mother and mother in law.  I add photographs and items from the previous year.  You can always scan or take digital photos of your child's art work to include.

I've also had a phone case made for my husband last year.  I included a photograph from our Christmas pictures. Artwork could also be an addition to this for something special.  

What about a photo book?  If you find it hard to save everything but throw it away?  Scan and put into a photo ok.  It will take up less space and hold up well over time!  Add descriptions from your child, dates and mores. Viola, digital scrapbook!

You could also add pictures to pillows to decorate your child's room!  This is what I did when we transitioned to a big boy bed.  I have one with a leaf from the fall.  Another is a foot print tulip from this spring.  Finally I  did one that has his ne, meaning of his and and bible verse with his photo on the back.  It's a great way to show ownership in your child's room and make it reflective of your child.


Shutter fly has throws, table runners, canvas collages, mugs, and more!  So you have a lot of options as to how you want to preserve your child's work. 

And if your child does something in art that you really love, frame it!  One of our favorite things in our childs bedroom is a framed giraffe painting from a friends daughter.  She painted it at an art camp. And it's wonderful!  

Sure there are lots of ways to save your child's art. It doesn't all have to be digitized but look for something unique that works for you.