How to Monetize Your Blog

So you have a blog.  You have content that you are publishing and readers that are following along.  If you want to turn your hobby into more than an interest, how can you actually make some money while doing what you love?  You can monetize your site!

You can start to monetize your blog with three easy steps.  

1.  Affiliate Links

If you have a lifestyle blog of any kind, you are most likely incorporating information that includes products that you use.  The products could be for projects, activities, health and beauty and more.  Why not capitalize on the information you are sharing?  After all, you are advertising for these companies by writing and sharing your thoughts.

Many companies have affiliate partnerships that you can join.  Select an affiliate membership that aligns with what your blog does.  Also, consider how people shop.  You earn money based on what people purchase from your links.  

Amazon Affiliates is an easy one to use.  Amazon is widely used by online shoppers.  There is also a huge selection of products to choose from.  

Both Walmart and Target have affiliate programs that bloggers can join.  Still, some companies belong to large umbrella affiliate groups.  CJ Affiliates represents lots of companies. is one of the companies that belong to this conglomerate group.  

To create links, you login to the affiliate group that you have joined.  Create links to the products you are featuring on your blog.  Add the links so that readers can click on the links to shop directly from your blog.  

2.  Affiliate Ads

Affiliate members can also create ads to place directly on their blog.  These ads can range from specifically selected products that you believe would appeal to readers to native ads.   Based on what readers have been browsing, native ads are based on readers specific interests.  

You can create and position ads specifically wherever you would like them on your blog.  Ads can be placed on the page in various sizes.  You can also create widget style ads for a specific campaign or project.

3.  Sponsored Posts

If you are creative and would like to try your hand at creating content for specific brands, you can write sponsored posts.  Social Fabric is one group that allows bloggers to apply to write for sponsored campaigns.  These sponsored campaigns are brand based and advertise on your blog and social media channels.  

Apply for campaigns you are interested in writing about on your blog.  You are responsible for the content you share.  There are deadlines and specifications for each campaign.  Each one pays a different amount from around $100 on up.  

Regardless of how you choose to monetize your blog, you can start making money each month through your blog.  Depending on the amount of traffic to your site, you can start to make a little extra spending money from your blog.  Some people become professional bloggers.  If this is your dream, monetizing your site could be a step in that direction.  

If you have questions about monetizing your site, feel free to drop me a line at  I'd be happy to answer questions you might have to get you started.