Fall Walking Jacket for Your Favorite Pooch

Bunnie looks cute in her new walking jacket!

Our fancy glamping dog, Bunnie, is definitely a pampered pooch.  I've been on a sewing binge lately, and Bunnie has gained a few new items for her camping stash.  First, I made her a little camping jacket for taking walks and the crisp days ahead.  This is a 45-minute project that anyone can complete.  It is a beginner level project that anyone can appreciate.

This project came from my favorite crafting book - One Yard Wonders.   To make this project, you need the following:

1.  1 yard of fabric (or less depending on the size of your dog).  If you make this out of coordinating fabrics (2 fabric choices), 1/4 to 1/2 yard of each fabric.
2.  Thread
3.  Sew on velcro
4.  Buttons - 2 of any kind optional

I had everything that I needed for this project on hand.  I also used Timeless Treasures Mini Campers.  I love this fun pink fabric.  The coordinating fabric for the belt and collar are Timeless Treasures Feathers.  You can check their website to locate a retailer near you or purchase online.  I love their novelty prints.

Get started by cutting two pieces of the body, belt, and collar.  These are three basic pieces are included with the One Yard Wonders Book.  The pattern comes in XS, S, and M.

A creative and more advanced seamstress could make a pattern for this project.  Look at the photos below.  Measure the length of the body of your dog from the nape of the neck to the tail.  Then measure around the body of your dog at its midsection and sketch a body piece similar to the one in the photograph below.  Make a collar and belt to match.

These three pieces make up the jacket.  And if you are industrious, you can make your own pattern.  Cut two of each piece.
Let's start sewing!

Step One
With the right sides together, sew the belt together leaving one short end open.  You have stitched on three sides.  Clip the corners.  Turn the right sides out.  Stitch the open end closed.

Sew with right sides together.

I had these spare buttons lying in my notions box waiting to be used!

Step Two
Pin the belt to the right side of one of the body pieces where it aligns with the straps that will wrap around the body of the dog.  Stitch down to the body all the way around the belt piece.  If you want to add buttons, now is the time to do that on each end of the belt.

Attach the belt where with aligns with the pieces that wrap about the dog's body.

Step Three
Pin the right sides together of the collar together on three sides leaving the interior curved edge open.  Stitch together on three sides.  Clip the corners and turn right sides out.

After you have sewn the collar together, pin to topstitch before attaching to the body.

Step Four
Pin the collar with the right sides to the right side of the body piece where your belt has been stitched down.  Align the collar piece so it matches up with the body piece.  Place the second body piece over the body piece with the collar and belt with the wrong side out.  You are sandwiching the right sides together.  Pin together leaving about 3 inches open at the bottom of the body for turning.

Place the collar in the correct location to be sandwiched between the two body pieces.

Pin the body pieces together with right sides facing.  Leave the bottom of the body open so that you can turn.

Step Five
Stitch all the way around the body leaving the three inches open.  Clip the corners and clip notches in the curves.  Turn right side out.  Pin the bottom closed and stitch all the way around the body of the jacket with a topstitch.

Step Six
Add velcro to the collar and belt piece around the body and stitch down.  Done!

The finished project sure does look cute.  Don't mind her dirty bed that she loves and won't come clean no matter how many times I sanitize that thing!  She's getting a new bed next!

Now your pooch is ready to parade around in style when the weather is cool or rainy.  The best part about this project is how quickly I was done.  Quick projects are so gratifying!

If you want more project ideas, be sure to check out my projects page.  I love a good craft.  If you have created something for your camper, yourself or your pets, I'd love to hear from you.  Drop me a line or comment below!

Until next time...

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  1. How sweet that your dog will wear cute clothes. Ours are definitely not interested!

    1. Haha! So funny! I am sharing a dog bed on Friday that might be more your style and would work for any dog! :) Have a great week!


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