Packing Your Pop Up Camper

When we first began talking about buying a pop-up camper, our friend Christy reminded me of two things.  First, camping is work.  Second, packing a pop up is like fitting a puzzle together to make all the pieces fit inside.  She was right on both accounts.  So how does all of that stuff fit into our pop up?  I was asked this question by a reader several months ago.  Today I'm sharing how all of our pieces, big and small, fit together.

When we first bought our pop up, I was giddy with the excitement of decorating our new to us camper.  I set out buying fabric and bedding.  But soon, I was hit with the realization that I had to be able to store and fit everything into our pop up while it was packed up.  This requires quite a bit of thought.

First, you need to measure the width and height of the floor spaces where you are going to be stashing all of your things.  Next, you will need to buy containers to store your items.  I use:
  • Space Saver Bags to help squish down all of my bedding to easily fit.
  • Plastic bins with tops for storage.
  • Waterproof and airtight box for dishes.  
For items that won't or don't fit into my bins, these items are stashed under my table area and on top of my bins.

The lowest items fit under my table area.  This consists of:
I place my table on top of all of these items.  Cushions from my seating go on top of this.  I even make room for my husbands zero gravity chair.  I even use the underside of my sink to store pillows and additional items.

In my 8 foot box, I am able to fit 4 plastic bins into the floor.  A porta potty also fits into the floor area.  Finally, on top of the bins are any of the shorter items that don't go into the bins.  This includes my collapsible shelving, a basket of lap blankets, additional storage bag of linens, and a broom.

Space fills up quickly, but everything has a spot.  And these items are not all necessary.  If I took out what we needed versus what I like to have, I could most likely cut my "stuff" by a third.  I have lots of pillows, decorative items, and just fun fluff!  

How do you pack your pop up?  And how much stuff do you have?  If you are thinking about a pop-up or rethinking your set up, maybe this post has helped you to make some decisions.  And if you want to know more about our what goes into our pop up, check out my Camping Gear Page.

Until next time...

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