Fine Living Shower Caddy for Your Pop Up Camper

The Fine Living Shower caddy has changed our shower game!

How do you tote your toiletries back and forth to the bathhouse at the campground?  Tote bags get wet.  Plastic caddies, buckets, and totes often spill and are difficult to store.  Space for storing these items is also a factor in a pop-up camper.  I wanted a solution that would keep everything together without spilling and getting wet, and I found one!  The Fine Living Shower Caddy is just what we needed to keep everything neat, clean and out of the way.  What makes this product different from other shower caddy's?

Size and Structure

When I first opened my Amazon box, I wondered how all of our toiletries would fit into this caddy.  But, don't let the size fool you!  The Fine Living Shower Caddy is just the right size to hold everything you need.  It is deceptively small and can hold much more than you think.  Everything will tuck into the compartments without tumbling out!  There are three main sections that keep everything organized:
  1. The larger main compartment that is partitioned off into two sections - a front and back compartment for organization.
  2. The caddy includes a clear, zippered vinyl pouch.  I use this to keep feminine products, hair bands, and band-aids just in case.  
  3. There is also a zippered, mesh compartment at the top to store additional small items like razors. 
When you unzip the main compartment, there is a hook that allows the user to hang the caddy in the shower.  I love that everything stays zipped inside until I get to the bath house to hang it up.

The convienient hook hangs that caddy inside of the shower to grab the things you need, when you need them.

The coated mesh is waterproof and more heavy duty than a plain fabric mesh.  This design detail will last longer over time. The coating is designed to resist mold and mildew.  It will dry quickly if it does get wet.

Storage Capacity

For our family of three, this is a perfect sized caddy for us to use and share.  Since we are in a small pop up, size is everything.  So I don't have a caddy for each person in the family.  Inside I have:
  • Full sized bottle of baby shampoo/wash
  • Toothpaste
  • 3 toothbrushes
  • travel sized container of dry shampoo
  • body oil/lotion
  • travel sized hair conditioner in a spray bottle - I make my own with essential oils and vinegar
  • zipper pouch with feminine products and hair bands
  • hairbrush
  • 2 containers of deodorant
I'm fairly basic with our bath/shower needs at the campground.  My goal is easy and clean.  These products check all of the boxes.  This past year, I moved us all to one bottle of baby body wash and shampoo.  It will wash hair and bodies plus it is gentle enough not to bother anyone's skin.

We use Johnsons Baby Shampoo/Body Wash for everyone in our family.  This has been a practical space saver for us in our gear.

If one caddy is not enough for the family, these are small enough that you could reasonably have one for each member of the family.  A caddy per child would probably work best for families with multiple children and teenagers since they all need their own things.   And, you might not want to wait for each person to finish their shower to use the toiletries that you all share.  For us, sharing works.  This would not be the case for every family.

Other Fine Living Solutions

Fine Living also makes a shower tote.  It has a larger center compartment that will hold a towel and other items.  The outer walls of the tote have pockets to store all of your toiletries.  The tote has the same coated mesh that is waterproof and will wipe up easily from water or spilled shampoo.  Again, this tote is deceptively small but packs a big punch!

The size of this tote keeps everything from spilling but still holds everything just right.  A towel can also fit into the center compartment.

All of your toiletries will fit into the exterior pockets.  The coated mesh helps to hold everything in place.

How do you take your gear to and from the bath house?  If you are looking for a better way to wag your toiletries back and forth, the Fine Living Shower Caddy or Tote are both excellent  I love them both.  I just prefer the hanging caddy since it zips up and keeps everything confined.

If you are looking for more camping gear, check out my Camping Gear Page or my Fall Gear Guide.  I've added quite a few items that will make life better at the campground.  Until next time...

Thank you to Fine Living for collaborating with me on this post and proving these items for review.  All of the views expressed in this post are entirely my own.  
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