Pop Up Camper Gear: 7 Essential Pieces I Can't Live Without

The right pop up camper gear will make all of the difference in your camping trips!

Now that we have had a couple of years with Peggy Sue, we have settled into a campsite routine when we are setting up and taking down.  We've gotten much better at this process, and we have also discovered what we cannot live without.  If you are new to pop up camping or if you are getting bogged down in the process, these things could make a difference for you!

Pop Up Camper Gear:  7 Essential Pieces I Can't Live Without

Pop Up Bunk End Covers

Early on, we purchased bunk end covers from Pop Up Gizmos.  These are essentially little solar blankets that help insulate your camper.  They work well for every season of camping.   You will find the bunk ends stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the fall and winter months.

Pop Up Gizmos make a huge difference!  We couldn't camp without these in the deep south!

I see campers online that make their own.  And while I applaud DIY projects (I'm the queen of DIY), it just wasn't a project I was willing to tackle.  Put this product on the top of your list and buy a set.  Our Pop Up Gizmos are 2 years old.  They still work and look perfect!  Well worth the money.

Anti Fatigue Mats

We waited a while to add these under our beds, but they do make a huge difference.  Right off, we replaced our mattresses with nice memory foam mattresses.  We use the sofa replacement kind that are about 5 inches thick.  These mattresses sleep great, but the anti-fatigue mats make sleeping so much better.  You don't seem to get that middle of the night sinking into the plyboard underneath.  I also think it keeps your mattresses from getting cold underneath so quickly in the winter.

Anti-fatigue mats under your mattress will make a much better night's sleep!  Trust me on this one!

Harbor Freight has these for usually less than $10 per pack.  This is what we have in our camper.  You can also purchase anti-fatigue tiles online.  

Good Leveling System

Walking around in an unlevel camper is the worst  Getting your camper level can also be the worst.  We purchased a set of Andersen Levelers this year, and they are easy and effective.  Some pop-up campers swear by the Bal Levelers.  Whatever you do, get something that will help you to level your camper.  Both Bal and Andersen systems take the guesswork out of this task.

The Andersen Levelers are so simple to use and make set up a breeze!

I also recommend getting some levels to put on your pop up camper itself to help you gauge how level your camper is.  Our set up time decreased by 15 or 20 minutes by doing these two things.  

Storage Solutions

Storage is not plentiful in a pop-up.  It is at a premium that gives me anxiety at times.  However, having a plan can make this much better.  We have the following things that make a huge difference for us:
If you think through your overall organization from the start, camping will be much more enjoyable!

Get the right storage solutions and your trips will be so much better!

Dish Washing Station

If you own a pop up that has hot water, you are pretty lucky.  I don't have a freshwater tank or hot water.  I have a simple city water inlet with a tiny sink.

Now I can wash my dishes with more space and hot water!

This past year, I set up a dishwashing station that consists of an electric kettle for heating water, a collapsible dish pan for washing dishes and collapsible dish drainer.  I rinse in the sink.  It all folds down and stores easily, but work terrifically.  

Venting for Grey Water

If you are using your pop up camper sink, draining water can sometimes be an issue.  Create a little vent system to help drain the water.  We saw the same set up on another pop-up camper this fall at the campground.  It is life-changing not to be struggling with water drainage all of the time.

This little contraption made of PVC pipe really does work wonders when draining the sink!

While you are at it, you can also get a site with sewage hookups so that you can drain your greywater directly into the sewage line.  We do this, and find that it works great and keeps us from having to empty a gray water container all the time!

Porta Potty

We have owned a porta-potty since our maiden voyage!  If you don't have a potty in your pop up, you need one.  I do not want to trek to the bathhouse in the middle of the night for an emergency - especially in the cold or rain!  I am not a fan of community-style potties, but its a camper - not Better Homes and Gardens!  That is what bunk end curtains are for.

Yep!  We have a porta-potty on our floor.  It's okay.  We always have a place to go!

I have seen campers that have transformed cabinet storage for their potty.  I just don't have space to give up!  And it is okay.  It's by far not the worst thing to ever happen.  Not having the potty in our camper is much worse than having one out in the open!  Trust me!

If you own a pop-up camper, you give up some of the conveniences of a travel trailer.  But, having a lightweight towable is a big plus as well.  We have managed to make the right modifications to our camper that make camping so much better and comfortable, and you can do it too!  If you are thinking about taking the plunge into the world of pop-ups, don't get scared off by the list of things you don't have.  Use your limitations to fuel your creativity, and you will find that you love your pop up just as much as a bigger rig!

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  1. I know this is probably old but where is that space heater from?! It's super cute!!

    1. Hi Erin! I hope you are doing well! It is a Duraflame Cube Heater. I don't think that Duraflame makes this exact one any more. But, there are some newer models that are similar that would give you the same effect. Be sure to check out my glamping gear for another option that might work well for you!


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