Collapsible Camping Gear We Love

A silicone pour over not only saves space.  It also makes a superior cup of coffee.

Collapsible camping gear can be really practical.  These products save space but are also functional.  Storage space in our pop up camper is really limited, so every piece of gear does count.  We have multiple pieces of collapsible gear.  Over time I seek out these options whenever possible because they really have become some of my favorite things!


The kitchen is where I have the most collapsible gear.  Mixing bowls, dishpans and measuring cups can really take up a lot of unnecessary space.  When you start shopping for kitchen gear, I would encourage you to seek out collapsible options.

I created a dishwashing station for our pop up camper that has both a collapsible dish pan and collapsible dish drainer.  We have had the dish drainer for 2 years, and it still works great.  Everything expands for me to wash the dishes.  When I am done, I can collapse everything back down for storage.  The folds are made of durable silicone that expand and retract.

The pour-over coffee maker allows me to make coffee throughout the day as we need and want it.

I have recently added a collapsible pour over to make coffee.  I like this coffee much better than the coffee from my percolator, and it takes up far less space.  Plus, I make as much coffee as I need, when I need it.

This Coleman Camp Oven fits over my propane burner and then folds flat to store.  Compact and cooks great.

All collapsible gear is not made of silicone and plastic.  My Coleman Camp Oven folds flat to store and expands to bake.  Place the metal box over a propane burner to heat and cook.  You will need a set of Nordicware Compact Bakeware for the Coleman Camp Oven.  This is totally worth the investment if you are in a pop-up camper!  It is far less expensive than some options and has been very effective for baking.


Save space with collapsible water and food bowls for your pet.  Our dog is only 3 pounds, so her bowls are small.  Collapsible bowls like these can be attached to backpacks for hikes (not that our dog is hiking).  But, these are also handy for car trips and bike rides.  Again, its all about saving space.  


I keep a collapsible bucket in our camper for emergencies.  It came in handy on a trip this past year where we only had electric.  I would fill up my little bucket from a nearby water pump for washing dishes.  Since this folds flat, I don't really have a reason to get rid of it.  Its come in handy for lots of random jobs over the year, and I'm glad we bought it.

The Luci Light inflates to use and charges on solar power.  Deflate to store.

Lighting can also be collapsible.  We have an M-Powered Luci Light.  This inflatable light blows up and charges using solar power for a nice light at night.  It deflates and stores flat.  This light is perfect for backpackers and tent campers too.  It weighs basically nothing and comes in a variety of colors.  New models come with charging ports for mobile devices.

I have most of my collapsible gear in the kitchen, but keep your eye out for gear to use in other places.  A few things that fold down flat to store can really make a big impact in a small space.  Once you start adding this kind of gear to your stash, you won't look back.

What collapsible gear do you own?  I'd love to hear what you are using to save space in your camper.  You can check out our other Camping Gear and Camp Kitchen Gear for other ideas.

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