Sleeping Comfortably in Your RV Murphy Bed


Sleeping Comfortably in Your RV Murphy Bed

Friday, October 18, 2019

Our new RV mattress for our Murphy bed from Tochta.  

I tend to painstakingly make decisions about RV upgrades and projects.  I research, read reviews, look at numbers, and mull it over in my head.  I will make a decision but wait to pull the trigger only to change my mind.  This may happen several times.  Then, it is go time.  And, when a decision is finally made, I am glad I waited.  Our RV Murphy bed was no different.  I wanted easy bedding and a comfy mattress.  But, not any mattress or bedding works best for the unique set up.  I finally have everything just right and want to share it with you.

First, Murphy bed mattresses in an RV are hinged.  This is a mattress that lays and looks totally flat on top, but there is a hinge underneath that allows it to fold up when you put the bed away.  We considered buying a memory foam mattress and cutting it ourselves.  But, I could see that this was not going to work.  We would be able to feel the adjustment, and I didn't foresee this ever being a comfortable solution.

We finally settled on a Tochta Mattress.  They make custom mattresses for RV's.  You can select the thickness, the style, and any cuts to customize curves or other features like hinges.  Their website offers a custom building feature, but you can always contact them and have them create something just for you if their standard builder does not provide the options you need.

These mattresses arrive in a box vacuum-sealed in plastic.

These mattresses are not cheap.  So, don't go looking for a bargain.  But, they are also awesome and are American made.  I feel like you do get what you pay for, and the customer service is excellent.  There are also financing options. 

After removing the mattress from the outer plastic, position the mattress on the bed to remove the interior plastic sealant.

Remove the interior plastic and allow it to fully expand.

For us, it came down to the fact that we want to enjoy sleeping in our RV just as much as we enjoy our bed at home.  I think that buying an RV and then hating the mattress and where you are sleeping is crazy.  Spend the money and get a great mattress, and you will enjoy your time on the road so much more.  There is no point in waiting and fooling with toppers and all of these temporary solutions.  Make a permanent decision and get a great mattress.  It is just worth it.

Our mattress arrived in a box.  It was vacuum sealed and expanded to the full size once we removed the two outer layers of plastic.  To find out more about this whole process, you can take a look at my YouTube Video on replacement Murphy Bed Mattresses.

We selected to purchase the Utopia mattress from Tochta.  It is soft but not too soft.  When we slide into bed at night, the mattress cradles your body and provides just the right support.  Unlike other foam mattresses, this one does not make you hot during the night.  The mattress itself is heavier than the original one, but it is not so heavy that you cannot lift the bed into the upright position for storage.  But, it is necessary to understand that you are adding more weight than what was originally there.  You will notice a difference when you lift the bed for storage.

To finish our bedding, we invested in a Beddy's Beds set.  I learned about these a couple of years ago from the Girl Camper podcast.  At first, I balked at the price.  Who in their right mind would pay that for RV bedding?  ME!

Everything attaches together with a zipper system.  You put the bedding over the mattress like a fitted sheet.  Unzip the bedding to get in at night.  Zip up to make your bed in the morning.  With a Murphy bed, this is a no brainer.  My bedding is neat.  It is easy to make.  The bedding is so soft and comfortable and well made.

Our Beddy's set is soft and comfy.

Beddy's would be great for those bunk beds that make you call on the Lord every time you are changing the sheets.  Someone truly needs a YouTube of me going through that process.  Good grief.  I wish I had gone with Beddy's for the bunks as well.  I can see us making a change in the future.

The money we spent on the mattress and bedding is money well spent.  We made some sacrifices to get a smaller camper.  The attention to detail make the sacrifices worth it, and I don't feel like we sacrificed comfort at all.  After sleeping on this mattress for a few nights, my husband and I are both convinced we made the right decisions.  We look forward to a lot more nights in RV followed by well-rested days. 

If you are considering a Totcha Mattress, use my code to get $25 off your purchase.   The holidays are just around the corner.  This could be a gift you give yourself during the holidays.  You won't regret it!

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  1. Is the new mattress heavier and harder to fold up?

    1. The mattress is heavier. But it is not harder to fold up. The hinge in the mattress makes it just as easy to fold up as the previous one. And, you will sleep so much better! The main thing is to check the thickness of the mattress. I wouldn't go thicker. We had a 6 inch thick mattress. So, I ordered one that is 6 inches thick, and it is perfect. Thanks for a great question and happy camping!


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