RV Upgrade - Install a New Shower Head

The Oxygenics Fury Showerhead is quick to install and provides improved water flow and pressure.

When we bought our travel trailer, my friend Christy quickly told me that I needed to replace my showerhead.  What?  It's a brand new RV.  Why would I possibly need a new showerhead?  Improved water flow and control are just two reasons to make a change.  This RV upgrade is an easy and inexpensive switch.  

RV Upgrade - Install a New Shower Head

The Oxygenics Fury Shower Head has all of the features that you need for a great shower in your RV.  It's hard to imagine the difference that a new showerhead will make until you take the plunge.  There is a noticeable difference from the first time you turn it on.  
  • There are 5 spray settings that can be used to increase pressure.
  • Rubber finger grips on the handle.
  • Control lever to adjust the water pressure.
  • A long 72-inch hose for easy reach.
Product information also says that this showerhead can conserve the water in your tanks.  I am curious about this feature.  While this would be an added bonus when camping without full hookups, the water flow is the big draw for me!

To install the showerhead, you will need:
  1. Oxygenics Furry Shower Head
  2. Phillips head screwdriver
  3. Screwdriver to remove the existing showerhead screws
  4. Silicone bath and kitchen sealant
Our original showerhead worked fine, but it was average at best.

Remove the Existing Showerhead

Unscrew the existing showerhead in your RV and remove the screws from the showerhead holder.  There was some caulk around the holder.  I gently pried this away using a putty knife.  Clean up any remaining caulk.  Be careful not to puncture your shower walls as you do this.   

Start out by removing the original showerhead mount.  I only had to remove two screws and pry away from the wall.
Clean any remaining caulk and prepare the surface for the new mount.

Determine Placement for Your New Showerhead

I had two screw holes from the original showerhead.  I wanted to try and salvage one screw hole and avoid putting two new holes in my shower wall.  I also wanted to give enough height for my husband that is 6 foot 4 inches tall.  I put the new shower head in the holder and looked at placement on the wall.  I was able to use one of the holes, but the highest placement that I looked at would have been too high.  Don't guess.  I was able to use the top hole from the original showerhead and just had to put one hole in the wall.  The Oxygenics shower head is a lot longer than our original one, so it is automatically higher in the shower.

The showerhead holder is two pieces.  The piece that mounts to the wall and a holder that screws into the mount that actually holds that showerhead in place.  Unscrew this holder from the mount to reveal the second screw hole underneath.

Apply the adhesive strips to the back of the new mount.

Attach the new mount to the shower wall with the two screws included with the showerhead.

Put the new Showerhead Holder On the Wall

I'm always concerned about water issues, leakage, and rot in an RV.  I think this comes from owning an older RV previously.  I filled the hole that I was not going to be using for the new shower head with some silicone bath sealant.  The Oxygenics showerhead comes with everything you need to install it including the screws and adhesive pads for the mount.  

Since you are using screws to mount the shower head holder, I suppose you could leave off the adhesive pads, but I didn't.  I put 2 of the included adhesive pads on the back of the mount.  Next, I lined up the top screw hole on the wall with the top screw hole on my showerhead mount and stuck it to the wall.  I finished by screwing in one of the included screws to secure to the top placement hole.  Then, I screwed the second screw into the shower wall making a hole in the shower wall as I did this.  I didn't need a drill to do this and was able to complete the job with a manual screwdriver.  

I used the same silicone sealant to seal around the edges of the mount to ensure no water or moisture gets behind it.  I would encourage you not to skip this step.  It's just one more way to ensure you have an airtight seal!  Now you are ready to attach the holder back onto the mount.  There is also a little sticky dot to cover the first screw at the top.  I used this as an additional seal.  

Silicone sealant for kitchen and bath works perfectly to seal everything water tight.

Apply the sealant around the edge of the mount and apply the small sticker included over the top screw.

Finish Up

All that is left now is to hook up your new shower hose to the water connection in the shower.  Plumbers tape is included in the Oxygenics shower head kit.  I used this around the connection end because it seems to drip there when I first turned on the water.  Hang the showerhead in the wall-mounted holder.  Done!

Attach the new hose to the shower connection.

I finished this job in about 30 minutes.  I love the final result and feel like this is a great addition to our RV.  And don't toss your original showerhead.  If you have an outdoor shower, you could possibly use it there!  This would work fine to rinse off muddy feet or sandy toes!  

Have you replaced the showerhead in your RV?  I'd love to head from you if you did.  This brand of showerhead comes highly recommended, but I know that there are lots of different brands and preferences out there!  Our new shower upgrade will make for refreshing showers at the end of long days of exploring.

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