Camping Gear - Summer Gear Guide 2020

No matter how you plan to spend your summer, there are good times to be had!

Summer 2020 has become unrecognizable and far more confining than I would like.  Ours has completely shifted and changed, and I'm learning into it.  We don't really have a choice, and I'd rather not fight it mentally.  We are still going to enjoy our summer if that does mean putting a blow-up pool in our backyard and living our best life at home.  We will make a few short trips close to home, but we won't be venturing quite as far this year.  Even with a more local summer plan, we will celebrate the season somehow.  My summer gear guide for this year includes items that you can enjoy either at home or on the road.

Camping Gear - Summer Gear Guide 2020

Get ready to capture those memories with family or friends (at a safe distance).  I love this compact tripod set up.  It extends out to a tall tripod and includes a blue tooth remote to control your phone's camera.  And, if you want to widen the lens on your phone add this lens attachment.  I have really enjoyed using both of these.  These two options provide a lot of flexibility for just a simple camera phone.  You will be able to capture wide-angle shots, well thought out close-ups, and some candid shots using the remote control feature.

The outdoor movie screen is a thick fabric that can stretch out wide for a movie and fold up flat for easy storage.

Take in an outdoor movie and social distance with a small group of family or friends.  We purchased an outdoor fabric screen for our son's birthday party last fall.  We finally purchased a mini projector to go with it and have a complete setup now.  I did a lot of research before this purchase.  This projector has built-in speakers.  It will run a Fire Stick.  And it small enough to take up very little room for travel.  Models that were less expensive had fewer features and didn't seem like they would go the distance over time.  I feel like this projector is worth the few extra dollars to include everything we needed to make it a fully functioning set up on its own.  You can hang your outdoor screen with bungee cords between some trees, your RV awning, or any other stable location of your choice.  When you are done, it all packs away using very little storage space.

Jealous Devil Lump Charcoal burns clean and hot and works much better than typical store-bought varieties!

Summertime begs you to cook on the grill.  We tried a new lump charcoal that we love last year.  It burns clean and hot.  And it is just what you need for cooking everything from burgers to steaks and anything in between!  Jealous Devil is not like any other lump charcoal that you have used, and you should give it a try this summer.

Our Totcha Mattress has been one of the best upgrades we made to our RV

If you do hit the road this summer in your RV, get the best night's sleep on a custom mattress from Totcha.  We have replaced two of our mattresses with this brand.  We purchased a hinged mattress for our murphy bed first.  Then, we added a new bunk mattress for our son this spring.  We were able to have it custom fitted for the curved end of our bunks.  These mattresses really are dreamy.  And, you won't regret it!  Use this coupon code and get $25 off your mattress.

The X-Chock Wheel Stabilizers won't replace your wheel chocks, but they will add an extra level of stability.

To keep your RV steady with extra movement inside, consider a pair of these X-Chocks.  These wheel stabilizers help reduce movement after you have parked and leveled.  They fit between the wheels for just a little extra support.  This has been a much-needed addition for us because no matter what surface we were on and how level we were, my gang stomps around like bigfoot inside!  

Create an outdoor shower set up with an additional hose and shower head for rinsing off sand or mud.

If you are super lucky this summer, maybe you are headed to the beach!  Two things you need are an outdoor shower set up and a bamboo matt.  Get rid of sand before heading inside by hosing off outdoors.  The matt will give you a clean surface to stand on while rinsing off and will store easily in pass-through storage.   This set up also works well for muddy feet and children.  No matter where you go, you could easily find a use for an outdoor shower hookup.

Rio Brands backpack-style beach chairs allow you to lounge in style.

If you are beach-bound, you will need some beach chairs.  Rio Brands makes excellent portable gear.  We love our expandable table and compact chair.  Their backpack-style beach chairs are easy to transport to and from your spot in the sand.  They are sturdy and well made.  All you need is a cooler of drinks and snacks and an umbrella for a little shade and you are ready to relax seaside.

Don't give up on summer entirely.  I know that you may be disappointed by the changes and cancellations this season.  I am too.  But, I am making the best of each day, and I feel like we will look back on this summer and realize that it wasn't so bad.  It will be different, and I can live with that.  Differences should be embraced instead of resisting them.  

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