3 Places to Stay Along I-20 in Texas

We have fallen in love with Texas and plan to go back again this year.

Texas is big!  We love our visits to the Lonestar State and make an annual trip out west each winter.  If you are passing through, you might be looking for a quick stop overnight along the interstate.  I'm recommending 3 spots along I-20 that make great overnight stops to help you get on and off the road quickly!

Early mornings are made easier when we can quickly jump back on the interstate for our next destination.

3 Places to Stay Along 1-20 in Texas

When we are looking for a quick place to stay overnight, I am looking for somewhere that has:

  1. Easy access on and off the interstate.  Don't get caught in some ginormous RV park 10 miles off the interstate.  These are a time suck and become frustrating at the end of a long tow day.  I look for somewhere that we can exit off the interstate and just stop.  Trust me here, and you are welcome!
  2. Amenities we need.  I need a spot that we can use the facilities there in case we don't want to use full hook ups.  We also need somewhere that we can fill up propane, wash our laundry and is dog friendly.  Think through what is important to you when you are traveling.  Having what you need within arms reach is huge when you are on a long trip.  It will save you from multiple stops and make travel easy.
  3. Safety!  This is not last on my list, but it is a concern when you are close to big highways.  Do you feel safe?  I feel like each of these spots are.  And we think about this a lot!
If somewhere checks all of these boxes, it is a go for us!  So, what spots made my list?

The Love's RV Stop at Winona, TX has plenty of spots slide in and stay for the night.

Love's Winona, Texas

Some Love's have RV spots.  This one does.  And before you come for me in the comments or emails, hear me out.  Love's is the perfect happy medium for all of the amenities.  You can gas up there, wash clothes if needed, grab a shower if you don't want to hook your RV, and even grab snacks or coffee.  It is the ultimate convenient stop.  

You are going to have some noise from the road and the service station traffic coming and going, but this is not a deal breaker for us.  We stayed at the Love's in Holly Springs, MS and thought it was great.  The Winona, TX location has lots of spots and is clean and feels plenty safe!   If you are looking to have a quick stop, take a look at Loves!

Oak Creek RV Resort has easy access to I-20 with a great staff and excellent amenities.

Oak Creek RV Resort Weatherford, TX

We have stayed at this location multiple times.  It is just on the outside of Fort Worth.  It is right off of the interstate.  They have excellent, pull through spots right at the entrance that are designated for overnight stays.  Their facilities are immaculate.  This is one of the big reasons that we keep coming back nearly every year!

Plus, they have a dog park, pool, laundry, propane and great bathroom facilities.  I highly recommend this spot.  The staff is always so nice and helpful.  They make afterhours check in a breeze.  I already have reservations here for an upcoming trip this year.  I love staying here every single time and have never had an issue!

This is a new RV Park, but it is another score on 1-20.  Check it out!

Out West RV Resort Monahans, Texas

So, we stayed at this location for a couple of nights when we had our tow vehicle adventure this past year.  A veterinarian owns this RV park.  It is very nice and very new.  

They do have WIFI and great pull through and back in sites.  Everything is clean and well maintained.  When we stayed, there were not laundry and bath house facilities.  While everything was basic in some ways, it was perfect for stopping over.  The owner plans to add laundry and possible bathrooms.  This was not a deal breaker for us.  We didn't need much while staying there.  

Plus there is a gas station near by as well as laundry facilities in town if you need them.  The town is small and easy to navigate if you need to run an errand or two.  

If you are looking for other campground reviews, be sure to check out my camping map.  It has lots of information about other spots where we have camped in Texas and other states too!  If you have questions about these parks or others, please feel free to drop me a line.  I'd love to hear from you.

Don't be afraid of those quick overnight stops.  We do this kind of travel a lot and have gotten really good at it.  We learned quickly what we needed at these stops to make it manageable.  Here are a few additional tips:

  1. Reserve or ask for a pull through site to make life easy.  
  2. You can also ask about spots up front and near the road for quick in and out travel. 
  3. Scout reviews of campgrounds to see what others say.
  4. Look at the map to see how far you will be off of the main highway.  
  5. Saving a few dollars to stay somewhere else but driving farther may not add up or be worth it.  We have found that it is best to opt for convenience on these stops!

We can't wait until our next Texas adventure comes around at the end of the year!

Until next time, happy camping!

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